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Building an innovative loyalty platform, from defining the market's needs, developing a complex solution and releasing to enterprise use with Divante's R&D team.

Loyalty software prepared for large-scale projects 


Customer Loyalty Technology

While working our partners on global eCommerce implementation we've noticed that there are some challenges they have in common. All of them had problems with a high number of one-time buyers (in retail reaching over 70%), never-ending price competition, losing clients to their competitors and the omnichannel gap in which they struggled to include offline data in building users loyalty.

The idea of building our own solution came in 2016 and grew in our heads for several months. In the end, we knew that in order to deliver top-notch loyalty solutions, we have to build our own product. We needed to create a solid base devoted to scalable and customizable loyalty implementations for eCommerce.

Additionally, we had our internal drive to enrich the open-source community and developers-friendly solution.

business analysis
& defining requirements
mock-ups & testing USP
Enterprise edition
development & optimization


Spotting the market's challenge
2016, Q1


Initiation of the project
2016, Q3


Customizable. Scalable. Open Source.

The project started off with 4-months long market research during which we investigated over 40 existing solutions and interviewed 50 eCommerce companies. We had to identify the strong and weak points of other loyalty solutions and match them with customers needs. From there we moved to gather requirements for our future solution and building low-fi mockups. We tested them with all possible players in eCommerce, from marketers and managers to developers.

Having market-oriented requirements, we started to build the MVP version of what in the future would become Open Loyalty. At that time, the project was on the side track, and development prolonged from planned 3 months to over half a year. By the end of 2017, we released MVP version and tested it out with our first customers.

These first implementations were crucial, they unveiled many areas to improve, but what's important they proved that our concept meets markets needs. We had the reasons to expand our small team and fix all critical issues before launching Open Loyalty officially. During the next few months, we significantly improved our solution, added various features and integrated it with Magento 1.9. We reached the moment when Open Loyalty could be presented to a wider audience.

In April 2018, we opened our solution to the community. That was an important milestone and one of the best decisions we've made. Open Loyalty leverages modern tech stack, like Symphony, Angular, Elasticseach, Docker or Kubernetes, which attracts developers across the world. With the community engagement, we can quickly validate our ideas, push our product forward, and build it accordingly users expectations.


Market research
2016, Q4


MVP development process
2017, Q1



Testing MVP
2017, Q3

Selling first licenses and accelerating the development process
2018, Q1

What people are saying


Ken Law

(...) we have concluded that Open Loyalty is the best technology for developing dedicated loyalty applications. The most important benefits for us included excellent quality of the technology, fast time to market thanks to ready-to-use components and robust set of loyalty features available out-of-the-box.  


Nathan Anderson

At ScanTrust, we decided to use Open Loyalty because of an Open Source architecture, a rich set of loyalty features available out of the box, great technical, and development support in our projects. 


Vo Thi Hai Yen

We recommend Open Loyalty as a good technological base for building custom and complex loyalty applications. Providing reliable technical support and great expertise in the development process, Open Loyalty's Team is a trustworthy technology partner for the project.


Launching the Enterprise Edition

Today, Open Loyalty is mature software for developing dedicated loyalty applications in eCommerce. During the first three years of it was shaped with the user-oriented approach and gained community support. Since it's the first version the product changes a lot and now it is available in Enterprise Edition and Community Edition.

Open Loyalty is ready for constant improvements and optimizations, which is visible with new each Github releases. At the same time, the product is already used in small- and big-scale projects help global eCommerce build customers loyalty and become an industry standard for creating unique and efficient loyalty solutions.


Opening the product to the Github community
2018, Q2


Releasing new Enterprise Edition and Open Source Edition
2019, Q1

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