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Fast and secure Frontend-as-a-Service powering Progressive Web Apps. Easy to deploy for better conversion rates and instant UX improvement.


Mobile-first eCommerce Platform Powering PWAs


Understanding needs of enterprise user 

Willing to support our partners in building mobile-first eCommerce we made use of Progressive Web Apps and created Vue Storefront. The solution was ideal for independent developers, but very soon we learned that it wasn’t enough for agencies and companies operating globally.

This powerful and renowned PWA frontend for any eCommerce platform had to be enriched with working environment adjusted to strict corporate security requirements. Storefront Cloud was born out of this need.


Security and scalability first

Each business has different needs, and answering them all in a single solution would be impossible. We had to understand the needs of worldwide eCommerce players and then unify them. The market research was conducted among Vue Storefront partners and companies working with Divante and it revealed several safety needs and requirements that each company had in common. 

Divante's R&D team consisted of field experts, answered these needs with the latest technologies which turned out to be both satisfactory for business and pleasant to use by developers working in IT departments.

Storefront Cloud's architecture was built upon a cloud management tool - Kubernetes, which is becoming a modern standard for cloud hosting provided by Google. The application itself is linearly-scalable which means we can adjust the number of the computing nodes (POD in Kubernetes - separate containers for the frontend, API, www, elastic) on the fly as the traffic goes up and down. Security of this solution is ensured by SSL certificates and security updates provided by Vue Storefront core team lead by Divante.

What's more Storefront Cloud includes a set of ready-made backend integrations: Magento1, Magento2, Pimcore (Coreshop), as well as limited integrations for WooCommerce, BigCommerce the day it was launched. The list of integrated platforms and solutions is growing successively.


Solution desiged for enterprise environment  

Storefront Cloud became a solution designed for eCommerce stores who want a fast, safe and highly optimized PWA solution. It is based on Vue Storefront, but its surroundings set the whole new environment for incorporating it in well-established eCommerce platforms based on any type of architecture, both microservices, and monoliths.

What's important Storefront Cloud is constantly growing and brings new premium functionalities each day. Companies using it can incorporate them without any changes on the backend.

Last but not least, Storefront Cloud answers the direct needs of enterprise business, like scalability, high availability, SLAs or technical support, but also IT team, as it is DevOps friendly and based on a modern technology stack which lures aspiring developers.

Project requirements:

easy and short-to-deploy process

DevOps friendly environment

automated backup and updates processes

security ensured with SLA

cloud management tool

ready-made backend integrations

technical support 

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